Top Ten Free Messenger App for Android Users

Don’t Pay for the SMS anymore. There are so many cool apps those let you send text messages for free. Some of these popular apps also support free calling. So why pay, while you can get everything for free? Just select the best data plan and enjoy free messaging and free calling.

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You can find a great list of  Messenger apps in android apps library (Google Play). But don’t be confused. You only need the best one and we are going to help you for this. This article contains a list of top 10 most popular and most downloaded Free messenger apps for android users. No need to buy any app. All are free to download. Select the one that best suits your need.

Free Text Messenger apps For Android:

1. WhatsApp Messenger

The most popular text messenger app till date. Not only for android users, but also it’s been popular among most of the smartphone users. Send as many text message as you can and you there is no cost for this. This app works with your 3G or wifi connection. So it uses your internet data. Not only text message, you can also send the audio notes, video messages, photos etc for free. There is no username or log-in required at the start. So when your phone is switched on, the messenger is active. It uses your mobile number as your username and adds all your friends (those have WhatsApp installed on their smart phone) from your contact list automatically to your buddy list. So no need to add them manually. Due to the availability of this app for iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia and other Smartphone , you have a great chance to chat with most of your friends using different Smart Phones. Other cool features of this app includes the Group-chat and Offline message feature.

 2. Facebook Messenger

The Facebook Messenger app comes to the next. As the population of Facebook increases day by day and the users love to use it via Smart Phones, the popularity of it’s messenger app is also on a high. Within a short period of the launch of this app, it occupies a space in most of the android mobiles. You can send messages to your online Facebook friends. Use your Facebook log-in credentials to run it. when any of your friends sends any messages you will get a notification. This app also supports sending photos while messaging and you can add location information to the message. Those friends don’t have this app installed on their phone, can get your message as SMS (But this service is not available for all countries). However you can view the message history from the Messenger as well as from

 3. Skype mobile™ on Verizon

How can we forget the popular video calling app Skype. This is the Verizon version of the app and you can run it  on Verizon’s top selling Android  smart-phones. It supports free Skype to Skype video calling along with text message. So you can enjoy the high quality free Skype calling with your contacts having this app on their Smart-phones or on PC. Use your Skype credit to call other land-lines or mobiles numbers at very cheap call rate. If you are not a Verizon user, Find the the other version of Skype for Android users.

 Skype – free video calling

Install this app on any other android device, to make free video and voice calls via Skype. The app works as similar to the Skype software works on PC. So along with making Voice and video calls and text messages, you can send Photos, videos and other files over Skype network. Send SMS with a very affordable price using your Skype credit.

Skype™ on Telkomsel

Skype on Vodafone

Skype for au

4. KakaoTalk Mes​sen​ger

 This free messenger on your android phone enables group chat. You can make a one-one or group chat along with your contacts, having this app installed on their smart-phones. Make the text message or group chats absolutely free of cost. The app is a phone number based messenger and has the support to iPhone users too. This uses your 3G or Wifi network You can send/receive photos,videos and audio clips to/from other KakaoTalk users for free. No matter if a user is using the iPhone app. You can communicate with him smoothly.

5. Yahoo! Messenger

The official Yahoo! messenger app for android is another great app for making free voice and video calls along with the text chat. Another nice feature of this app is the support to Facebook chat and Windows Live Chat. So the users of this app can send text messages and chat with their Facebook friends and Windows Live friends . Send Free SMS to your friends located in India, USA, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Canada, Malaysia, Kuwait, Thailand and Pakistan. Also you can share the video clips and photos among your contacts via this app.

6. Tango Video Calls

 This app has a great feature to send video messages and this is the only android app that can personalize your video calls. “Tango Surprises” is the inbuilt tool to add the funny animated things during video call to other Tango users. Just similar to WhatsApp messenger, this app requires no login and logout. It can also detects your contacts who have Tango messenger installed on their Smart-phones.

7. Messenger WithYou

The app for Windows Live users. Yes, this is the best  Windows Live Messenger (MSN) app for android users. In addition you can also make text chat with your Yahoo! Messenger friends. The other features of the app allow you access your Hotmail account directly, Update your profile photo in real-time, send and receive file & photos with other users, making a group chat etc.

 8. Viber : Free Calls & Messages

Make Free calls and send free text messages using the Viber app for android. Share your location and send photos to your contacts using this app. You can also get in touch with an iPhone user having this app installed on his/her iphone. Ye s there is also an iPhone version of the app is available. Although this app comes completely free , there is no advertisements on the app interface. The notifications will inform you while anyone makes a Call or sends message and the app runs in the background. This saves your battery life.

 9. Line 

Just like most of the other popular messenger app, Line allows you to stay in touch with your family and friends. Make free voice calls, send text messages, send photos and share your location among your contacts. Make a group chat and add upto 100 members to the group. There are 255 different emoticons and stickers  you can use during the text chat.

10. Voxer Walkie-Talkie

Let’s play with this app and turn your smartphone into a Walki- Talkie. No need to pay for the call. Use the app to send text messages, photos and share your location among your contacts using the same app. You can send the audio or text messages to a group of friends too. the iPhone version of the app also allow you to keep in touch with iPhone users too.

Let us know your feedback and comments on this post. If you are a user of any of the above app, please feel free share your experience. 🙂

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