How to Use Multimeter

There are many people that make use of multimeter, because it is one of the best equipments that can help you in the measurement of AC and DC voltages. It is not quite difficult to use a multimeter, but if you think that you are not aware of the exact processes through which you can make use of this device, you can always take a look at few of the important steps. This instrument is very useful, as it will help you to check out the presence of voltage in the circuit. Take a look at the important steps.

  • First of all, you will have to know the different parts of multimeter. The dial, for instance, is the most important part of this device, and with this arc shaped pointer, you will be able to read the values.
  • The pointer or the needle is also an important part of the device, which is basically a thin black line. As soon as the value is measured, the needle will move to the point of the value.
  • There is also a mirror like feature which can help in the reduction of errors while viewing the measurements. The mirror makes a reflection before the value is finally pointed out.
  • There is also a knob which will enable you to change between the voltage of AC and DC. In fact, in fact, with the help of this part, you will be able to change the function. However, before using, make sure that the setting is correct; otherwise the value displayed by the device will not be correct.
  • There are several jacks in the multimeter, and these jacks perform different functions. Make sure that you are aware of the function of each of the openings of the device, so that things become easy for you to use.
  • There are also two different colored test leads, which are also capable of delivering different functions.
  • Often, you will find the zero adjustment level of the multimeter, which in turn, will give an indication that you will have to make the necessary adjustment prior to using it.
  • Once you are well aware of the different parts involved in multimeter, you will absolutely not find any difficulty in using the device.

Just make sure that you follow these instructions step by step in order to start using a multimeter, as and when, you require it.

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