Make Your Own South Park Characters

South Park Characters have added zing into the lives of a good number of television viewers. These characters are mostly liked by the kids. If you make it a point to build some of these characters on your own then you can do that at ease. Let us make the job interesting for you. These tips which are going to be showcased are going to be of great help to the ardent fans of theSouthParkcharacters especially when they are going to try their skills in creating some of these amazing South Park characters.

  • In the first place you have to work on the mouth of the characters. This is the most important step when it comes to customize or create highly interesting South Park Characters.
  • Then you will be required to work on the eyes of these ludicrous characters
  • As you are done with the development or painting of the eyes you can focus on the eye brows
  • Then you can focus on sketching the other body parts of these South Park Characters.
  • In the next phase you have got to settle on an array of accessories which will give a distinctive feature to the characters. You can in fact consider an interesting array of spectacular features such as hats, shoes, glasses; make up materials, turban kind of stuffs, helmets as well as masks.
  • You can even make it a point to give a colorful look to the character you are creating with some additional gears such as a bat or a dirking bowl or a tie or a scatting board or a football or a baseball bat or a guitar.
  • In the next phase you will be required to give certain level of adornments to the characters in shape of facial expressions, facial hairs and other features pertaining to the characters.
  • In the next phase you will have to take a very good care of nitty-gritty’s as you are going to give shape to the accessories related to the characters such their weapons (such as knives, guns, pistols, axes, clubs as well as many other arms) or some specific parts related to the apparel that they don.
  • You can make the South Park Characters more colorful by applying tattoos on their bodies.
  • As you proceed in this particular venture you can also choose to give a very realistic look to the South Park Characters if you add aspects such as beards, mustache as well as facial fair. You bet it will give an altogether different look to the character.


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