Make Your Own Sonic Characters

Sonic the hedge hog has always been a riveting as well as a highly entertaining show for all. There is enough fun and frolic in the show. However what seems to be the most appealing aspect of the show is perhaps the extremely rollicking looks of the Sonic characters. Do you feel the vibe in your heart to create a sonic character by exercising your creative streak? Then you can take the help of this particular tutorial.

  • Take into considerations the different body parts pertaining to sonic characters.
  • Keep an eye to the color schemes that you will have to use in making your own sonic character. In order to add some vibrant color contrasts you can in fact make your imaginative faculty run wild.
  • Before you proceed with the character you have to make it sure that you have clear ideas in your mind pertaining to what animal it would be. The drawing will be entirely based on that. Until and unless you are clear about the physical traits as well as specific features of that particular animal you will not be able to breathe life into it.
  • In the next phase you have got to settle on name that you wish to give to the character.
  • In the next phase you have got to settle on the specific super powers with which you would like to adorn the Sonic character. In fact you can choose to offer super physical strength to the character. At the same time you can make the character run at a great tempo. The bottom-line is you can do anything with the character.
  • You have got to settle on a crucial issue and it concerns the gender of the character. Make a quick choice as to whether it should be a male character or it should be a female character.
  • At the same time you have to work on the clothes, shoes as well as all the other apparels and accessories which are going to b worn by the character.
  • At the same time you have to work on the personality types with which you would like to embellish you Sonic character. As a matter of fact, you have all the rights to make it look cool, mean. Nasty, na├»ve as well as quiet. You can choose to adorn the character with any personality type that you feel would be best for the character you are going to create.
  • Make it a point to change the pieces whenever you feel it to be necessary.

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