How to Record iPhone Calls – 5 Best Apps to Choose From

Searching for the best app to record iPhone calls ? Here are the Five chosen apps to help you in this regard. Choose the best app as per your need and budget. This list contains the Paid as well as the Free apps, those can be helpful in recording the voice calls using iPhone. These apps are essentially needed to record the call as there are no other option in iPhone to record the calls. Basically iPhone software doesn’t allow to record the voice calls. If you are not an iPhone user, you may have the option to record any call and even low cost cellphones also have this functionality inbuilt. But not iPhone has. So you need to choose any one from the list bellow.

1. Record Phone Calls by Blue Square Group LLC

This is a paid app ($9.99) and more than 8000 people have trusted on this till now. You can record up to 45 minutes per call and you don’t need to pay any monthly charges or extra money per minute. Just buy the app and pay the annual charges ($4.99). In this way, this can be less expensive than other paid apps.

You can get the recorded voice calls emailed directly to your inbox as an MP3 file. So you can download and listen that attachment at anytime.

2. Call Recording Pro by

This app supports the voice call recording up to 60 minutes and you can record the incoming as well as outgoing calls anywhere. There are no beeps in the recording and the other person in the call will not be disturbed. This works smoothly. You can locate the recordings inside a folder named as “ Recorded Calls” and preview those calls via the built-in stream player.  Also the app send you the link to the MP3 file to your registered email address. So you can access the previously recorded calls anytime. Buy this app for $2.99 from iTunes store by click on the above link. At the time of purchase, you will get 5 call recordings and you need to buy more for your needs. You can purchase a group of recordings in the bundle of 3 or 6 or 12.

3. Recorder 10 by Retronyms

Another paid app for recording iPhone Calls. Recently this app introduced an outgoing call recording service  for pennies per minute. This app works only in USA and yes, there is a usage fee on the calls you record. There is an option to email the short recordings. But this is not automated. You can get this app for $0.99 and start recording the outgoing calls easily. Other features in this app enables you to make Wifi sync any recordings, Pause while recording, 44.1k high quality recording etc.

4. Call Recording by TPS Games

A Free iPhone call recording app. You can record the voice calls using this app and even from the middle of a call. Yes, if you wished to record the remaining part of your conversation, you can ask the other person to hold for few seconds and tap on the record button. This will start calling to the recording server and after the server answers the call you need to tap on the Merge button. Now the recording will be started. You can listen the recording after the call via your phone or online. Also the recorded audio file will be emailed to you and you can listen that after downloading the attachment.

There is a Free trial limit and if you wish to continue after the free trial, you need to signup for a membership.

5. by MotionApps

Another Free Call Recorder app for iPhone. Not only this app can record your voice calls, but also it can transcribe your recorded calls into text format. So you can quickly take a voice note. Works smoothly with both incoming and outgoing calls. If you are from outside USA, this app doesn’t stop working. Yes, it can work anywhere in the world. Get the recorded files in MP3 format and download them directly to your PC. The recording can also be shared via Facebook or Twitter.

We have tried to find the best call recording app in the industry. But it’s not true that we are always right. So give your valuable feedback after using any specific app and we will update the post accordingly.

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