How to Play Rugby

Doesn’t a thrill run down your spine when you see the game of rugby being played either live or on the TV? Rugby has come to be appreciated by millions of people in the world who love the game just for its simplicity as well as power and determination. It is indeed a treat to watch the stocky players muscle each other for the control of the ball and literally do everything within their power to hurl the ball through the enemy goalpost. It doesn’t take much to learn the game of rugby but it does require a lot of physical fitness to be able to play with enthusiasm. Let us go through the steps of how to play rugby so that after being physically fit, you can play this game with a skill entirely your own.

How to Play Rugby

  • Unlike the game of football, rugby involves 15 players per team. There are mainly 8 forwards, 6 backs and 1 half back. All of them have their work cut out for them. The hefty forwards are responsible for doing all the bullying work. They push and pull to take possession of the ball. On the other hand, the backs are the wily ones who keep the ball and the players in movement and towards the end zone. The halfback is the one who keeps the connection between the two types of players. He generally stays in the middle.
  • There are two end zones on the extreme sides of each half of playing area. The aim is to take the ball to the end zone and make it stop to achieve a touchdown.

  • Before the start of play, the players are adequately clothed to withstand the attacks from the players of opposite teams. To guard against injury, the players have a mouthpiece and padding on shoulders and chest. They also wear fingerless gloves to help them hold the ball more tightly. Football cleats also add to their uniform.
  • The game begins when the referee signals the players to get the ball when it is pushed off in the middle. Each team tries to get the ball to their players and back to their own side.Rugby Playing Guide
  • If one player pushed forward, the team gets an offside penalty. The ball is then passed on to the opposite side and it gets a knock-on.
  • The ball can now be passed in any direction and in any way. You can kick or carry it forward, backward or sideways.
  • The team can also get a chance of getting the ball into touch. This is done from beyond the out of bound lines. The player usually throws it away from his own end zone.
  • When a team manages to take the ball near the end zone, he has to put the ball to rest over the end zone line and then proceed to score a try.
  • After scoring a try, you have a chance to get a conversion. One of your players has to score a goal by kicking the ball.
  • There are many other things about rugby which you can learn when you get to the field and start playing.

The game of rugby has been able to attain such high popularity because of its style and simplicity. You too can easily get involved in the game and find a chance to enjoy the high spirits of the game.

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