How to Make Humorous Birthday Cards

Birthday cards are still in demand and admiration for its simplicity and also as a worth making for someone special. The value of a birthday cards adds to a high degree of appreciation if it is made or created by the presenter’s own hands. The innovation and the creativity that is being embedded in the efforts laid down in the preparation or making of hand made birthday cards are always have high regards and showered with compliments than those from the gift stores and stationery shops. Amongst the various genres of birthday cards available, cards made on a jovial attire or on a humorous theme holds a different fame and acclamation altogether.

Funny Birthday Cards

There are various ways as to how we can create a humorous birthday card. Below mentioned are a few relatively easy and simple steps for preparing such birthday cards and still bears the essence in appreciation: –

Individual Based

The outline of a humorous birthday card is based on light minded frame and also have a jovial sense altogether. The theme you need to select should be basically focused on the type of character a person holds. If the person is of a serious and short tempered nature such cards might create and opposite reaction. In a way all the honest efforts in making a humorous birthday card can be looked upon with a sarcastic reaction rather than a soft appreciation. On the other hand, if the individual to whom you going to present are of fun loving and easy going attitude such humorous birthday cards can be termed as the best when prepared with own hands. There is actually no age as to who creates such birthday cards. A small kid can too make an elderly person feel the closeness with his efforts over the entire creation on the cards while the same might fail when a teenager makes it for a middle aged person.

Preparing Procedure

Since these humorous birthday cards are hand made so the design or the sketch to be laid upon needs a drawing sheet or chart paper. Cut the shape of the card in your desired way using scissors or a pen knife. Often it is seen and found that the subject selected for the humorous birthday cards are cartoon characters or any comic personality. To make it more attractive and realistic you can add dialogues or funny frames on the birthdays cards. Fill the essence with bright and cool colors. Sketch pens and crayons come very effective to serve the purpose. But make sure you do not cross the border of the outline of the sketch or the design pattern made on the drawing sheet or the chart paper. Embellishments like stickers, colored papers, beads etc can be added using adhesives or glue to make the nature and look of the humorous card more appealing. But have an observation that you do not overdo anything as it will give a jazz look to your hand made humorous birthday card. Keep it simple but also exotic and distinguishable with all efforts get paid in compliments and praises.

By pursuing with all the steps and information described above under the subheads you can now make humorous birthday cards. These cards are far a mile worthy than the costly gifts because the efforts of a hand made creations and innovations of a creative mind are always appreciated and admired by not only to whom you are gifting but also the other like minded people.

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