How to Make Candied Yams

Have you ever tried any candid yam recipe? It is simply amazing, and if you can make it at your home, it will indeed be very delicious. However, this of course means that you will have to know the exact method and procedure of making the candied yam. There are of course different ways in which you can make candied yams, but here you will be given a recipe, which is not only simple to follow, but is also delicious to eat. You can just give a try.


  • There are few ingredients that you will have to gather first.
  • You will start by scrubbing the yams. However, make sure that you do not peel them off.
  • After scrubbing, you will have to place the potatoes in a saucepan and add water to the saucepan. You can cover the pan.
  • In course of time, the water will boil, and you will have to reduce the heat. Now you will have to cover and simmer the yams in the saucepan, and keep it at least for 20-15 minutes.
  • Your main aim is to make the yams tender. Drain the water and let the yams cool down.
  • Now you can peel off the skin of the yam, and cut it into several small and half slices.
  • The remaining ingredients including butter, brown sugar, water and salt has to be heated over medium heat. You will have to stir it constantly till it becomes smooth and bubbly.
  • When the mixture has reached the desired thickness, you will have to add the potato into it. You will have to stir again gently till it is glazed and hot.
  • You are now ready with your candies yam, which can go well with any kind of main course. Since yams are naturally sweet, addition of little brown sugar makes the recipe even more delicious and tasty. It can be a good recipe for the kids of the family, as well.

If you can follow this recipe, not only can you be assured of the taste, but at the same time, you can also be assured of the health of your family members. It can be a rich source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, calcium, fiber and iron. You and your family members will simply love it. Since it takes only about 15 minutes, you can give it a try now.

Watch a Video Instruction on How to Make Candied Yams

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