How to Make a Paper Mache

It is just amazing that you can make many things with paper mache. Be it your favorite animal or flower, or something to use at home, you have many choices to shape the paper mache. It is a nice family project where you can teach your kids to be creative and spend some fun time with your kids. Making paper mache can be a messy affair so take the lead when you involve kids into this task. Chose the item you want to make and you can use household wastes like cans or bottles to make an art piece with paper mache. For the purpose of this article we would make a penguin container.

Stuffs you need

  • Wallpaper glue or paste
  • Strips of paper of different color
  • Some loose white paper
  • Pair of Scissors
  • Colors
  • Other decorative jingles etc. as per your desire

For the penguin container

  • Take a small plastic glass.
  • Look for a plastic bottle that covers the glass perfectly. Remember you ware going to use the tip of the bottle to look like the head of your penguin.

Steps to make paper mache

  • You can easily buy wallpaper paste from your nearest general store. But if you want to do everything yourself, then you can go ahead and make the past yourself. To do this you need flour and water. Heat water (about a cup or two) and mix the flour. You can keep stirring to make sure there aren’t any lumps in the mixture. You can even use an electric mixer to have a smoother paste. Let it boil for a couple of minutes and then remove from stove and let it cool.
  • Take old news paper and cut them into different sized strips. You can keep them separately to be mixed to the paste. Also cut the white paper into strips.
  • Take one strip at a time and dip it into the paste.
  • Remove extra glue or paste from the strip.
  • Now place it on the mold. You can place strip after strip in an overlapping way till you get a nice layer. If you want a few layers of paper on the bottom of the container you can do that. But make sure your top part still works fine with a layer of paper.
  • Now repeat the procedure and cover the complete outer area of the plastic glass.
  • You can concentrate on your top and more important part. Use both longer and shorter paper strips to cover the complete outer layer.
  • Use smaller strips to make the head of the penguin. You can do it after one layer is dried. Try a clearer shape. Also make the wings with a few extra strips on the top cover. You can place even shorter pieces to make the feet of the penguin, which are very small.
  • Usually it takes about a day for one layer to dry. So you must give the mold enough time to shape the glued paper. It may take a few days before you get the final output.
  • Use the white paper strips to make the last layer. Make sure you do it neatly so that it doesn’t look odd.
  • Once you get both the top and bottom piece dried thoroughly without nay newspaper strips visible on the surface, you are ready to paint.
  • You can use, white, blue, red and yellow colors to paint your penguin.
  • As penguins are white you can use white pain for the body and use the rest of the colors for the coat, peck, and eyes.
  • Use yellow to make the feet.
  • Let the paint dry before you use the container.

You can use other bright colors to make different animals with paper mache. The basics remain the same. Only you need to shape the paper accordingly.

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