How to Draw Graffiti Letters

Are you interested in drawing graffiti letters? There are many people like you who are also very interested, and there are different techniques that you can follow to draw your letters. There are innumerable ways through which you can draw these letters. Here are some quick techniques through which you can easily learn drawing these letters. Have a look.


  • The most important thing with which you will have to start is with the knowledge of the letter structure. Try to sketch the normal keyboard letters.
  • Make sure that you give proper importance to the width and the spacing between the letters. Once you have drawn these normal letters, you can mess around the letters. Bend it in different ways and make it bigger and smaller around the corners. Make sure that while doing so, you do not change the structure of the letter.
  • You can outline and overlap the letters with some curves and dramatic lines
  • Once you have become comfortable to it, you can now trying adding a 3D effect to the piece of the letter. Make sure that all the lines point to a vanishing direction, which in turn, will bring out the style in your letter.
  • If you want to get a real idea, one of the best things that you can do is to have a look at the comical structures very minutely. Looking at the expressive words and backgrounds will definitely be of help.
  • If you want, you can also add some extensions to your letters, which will give a cooler look to the letters.
  • While practicing with the letters, you can also make use of a stencil. This in turn, will also help you to acquire a good idea of the writing style.
  • Once you finish up drawing, you can fill it up with colors, which will make the letters look more complete and attractive.
  • Initially, it will be wise to try out with simple styles, and once you become well acquainted with the style, you can juggle with several other styles, as well. However, this should be adopted in course of time.

It is not so easy to draw the graffiti letters, and you will require lots of practice prior to you acquire perfection in drawing these letters. However, when you follow these techniques and practice them with concentration, it will not be long for you to acquire skill over the art. Consequently, you will be satisfied.

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