How to Draw Cartoons

There are many people who love cartoons, and some are even passionate to draw cartoons, as well. However, it is not so easy to draw cartoons, and there are few techniques that should be followed while drawing cartoons. The step by step instructions in this case can definitely be of great help in completing a cartoon quite successfully. Have a look at few of the steps through which you will be able to learn drawing the cartoons.


  1. First of all, you will have to acquire few basic art supplies. Irrespective of the complicacy involved in drawing the character, you will have to break down the
    character into smaller pieces, so that drawing becomes easy.
  2. You can choose any cartoon character ranging from just a small baby cartoon to even a robot, provided the fact that you follow the steps.
  3. Before you start drawing, you will have to observe the character very minutely. You will also have to examine thoroughly the shapes and lines in the character.
  4. The very first thing that you will have to do when you start drawing is to draw the full shape, irrespective of the fact whether it is triangle, rectangle or oval in nature.
  5. The lines often might have to be drawn in order to get a track of the actual drawing. In the final, all the lines might not be required.
  6. Once you complete drawing the outline, you will move into the inner parts that can be drawn by minutely observing the lines again.
  7. Your final step will be adding color to the cartoon character that you are drawing.
  8. You will definitely start by adding the main color. You will add dark colors to those areas which will be covered in shadows.
  9. Following the application of the dark color, you will also add light colors, which is generally known as highlighting.
  10. In fact, the combination of both shading and highlighting will bring a realistic look to the picture that you draw.
  11. You will now fill the places with color, wherever necessary.
  12. This will complete your character.

You can be assured that if you follow the different steps involved in drawing your cartoon character, you will definitely be satisfied with your character. From the next time, you will be able to draw any other cartoon characters, as well in accordance to your choice.

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