How to Draw a mermaid

Are you eager to draw a mermaid? Well, there are many people who are interested in drawing these, but the major problem is that they often face difficulty in drawing the mermaid. However, if you belong to the same group, there is absolutely nothing to be worried, because there are various ways through which you can draw a mermaid. You will just have to follow the step by step instructions and accordingly, you can be assured that you will surely be successful. Here are few steps that you should definitely follow. Take a look:

  • Well, you can start by drawing the head. Draw the outline of the head with an oval. Leave the top of the oval unfilled as this is the space for the hair.
  • Once you have completed the outlines, you will have to start filling it with facial features. There will be two small oval eyes and this should be dark compared to the outline of the face. The eyes should be covered by eyelids, and even eyelashes.

    Credits: Monte Moore

  • Now it is time to draw a pointed nose and a mouth that is smiling. You can also draw a half moon on the side of the face to represent the ears.
  • Once the head and the face are complete, you will follow it up with the hair. Well, this is the easiest thing for you to draw. You can put large numbers of wavy lines to represent the hair. You can add waviness and length to the hair as this would make the picture look more realistic and original.
  • If you want, you can also decorate the hair by adding some flowers or starfish. However, this is completely optional.
  • Now it is time for you to draw the upper part of the body which will include the neck, the shoulder, the shell bra and even the stomach.
  • Do not forget to add two straps of bra on either shoulder of the mermaid, and right under each strap there will be a shell shape.
  • Once you have completed the upper part, you will have to follow with the arms. This is of course the most difficult part of the body to be drawn, but if you follow proper steps, you will surely be successful.

Thus, it is high time that you follow these instructions step by step in order to draw a mermaid. You will surely be satisfied with your drawing.

Take a look at this Video Instruction on How to Draw a mermaid . This might help you as well.

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