How to Draw a Face Step By Step

If you are interested in drawing, there are of course plenty of things that you can draw. You will not only get fun, but often, you might also end up drawing a realistic structure. For instance a face can be a good idea. Do you want to draw a face? Well, face is one of the most difficult and complicated things to draw, and therefore, it is very essential that you follow the procedures of drawing step by step. This in turn, will help you end up in a good drawing of the face. Have a look at few of the steps that you need to follow in this context.



  • You will not acquire the skills of drawing at the first attempt, but with several attempts, you will definitely end up making a perfect face.
  • You will have to start with the outline, and the outline of the face can be depicted with an oval. Sketch a vertical line and a horizontal line across the top and bottom of the oval.
  • The lines that you draw will help you to position the eyes properly. Right at the base of the eye, you can also draw a line to indicate the presence of the nose.
  • It will be in fact better if you can divide the space into three parts. The mouth will be at the top part, and the rest of the parts will indicate the chin.
  • Right on the middle part of the horizontal line, you can draw two small circles for the eyes. Make sure that the distance between the two eyes is exactly proportional.
  • The inner corner of the eyes will tilt slightly down, while the outer corner will tilt upwards.
  • Once you are complete with the eyes, you will have to draw the nose. It should be narrow between the eyes and wide at the nostrils. Noses of course vary in patterns, and you can choose any pattern that you want.
  • Now you will go back to the horizontal line to draw the ears. The ears should be wider at the tops and they narrow down at the lobes.
  • Do not forget to draw the hair. It is very hard to draw hair, but you can start drawing with lines. You will have to determine whether you want to draw the hair straight or curl.

This in turn, will finish up your face drawing. You can add colors and shades to it, if you want.

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