How to Decorate Halloween Cookies

Along with serving as a delicious treat, you also have option to adapt these to suit the décor and mood of the occasion. As many people go out of their way to decorate things during Halloween, you can consider baking and decorating cookies to entertain your friends and guests. It is also a great idea to bake plain cookies and decorate those to enhance the Halloween festive mood. You can even experiment with various ideas to serve spooky snacks during Halloween parties.

  • Make the Cookie Dough: While making Halloween cookies, you have options to choose from an array of sugar cookie recipes. You can even consider entertaining the guests by serving cookies made based on your favorite cookie recipe. Once you decide the cookie recipe, follow the instructions and make the dough. Alternately, you can also save your time and efforts by buying refrigerated sugar cookie dough from the market. You can even involve your kids in making the sugar cookie dough. Now roll out the dough using a rolling pin.
  • Use Halloween Cookie Cutters: Now you have to use cookie cutters to cut out the cookies. But you have to use customized cookie cutters instead of using the classic ones. It is a good idea to cut the cookies using cutters shaped as witches, ghosts, hunted houses, bats, pumpkins, and broomsticks. If you do not have these customized Halloween cookie cutters, you can use your basic round cutter, and cut the cookies into shapes that can be decorated as scary faces or pumpkins.
  • Bake the Cookies: The stylish cookie cutter can simply be pressed onto the cookie dough to create fun shaped Halloween cookies. Your kids will also love the idea of making witches, ghosts and broomsticks using the cookie cutters. After cutting the cookies, bake these as per the recipe instruction. Once the cookies are baked, removed those from the oven and allow these to cool.
  • Decorate the Baked Cookies: Now you can use your imagination and creativity to decorate the baked Halloween cookies. Start the decoration by assembling colored frosting, jelly beans, shredded coconut, an assortment of cake-decorating candies and thin licorice strings. The decorations can be added on top of a thick layer of frosting. You can use distinct food colorings to dye the frosting to suit the mood and theme of your Halloween party. Ask your kids to place the frosting in several bowls and add food coloring to make popular Halloween designs.

 A Nice Video about Halloween Cookies Decorating

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