How Long to Cook Ham

Ham is one of the desired items, and nothing can be better than the fact that of cooking ham on your own. If you want to cook ham with dedication, one of the most important things that you should keep in mind that you will have to give some time for cooking. Moreover, cooking will not be complete, until and unless you bake it well. You can also make it extra special by addition of a glaze to it. The addition that you will give to your ham will vary, but firstly, you will have to bake the ham.


  • If you have partially cooked a ham, you will have to place it in the oven and allow it to be baked for at least 20 minutes per pounds.
  • On the other hand, if the ham is fully cooked, you will have to bake for at least 10 minutes so that it can get heated properly.
  • Place the ham in a baking pan. If you want, you can also cover it up with a foil, so that the ham is not dried out.
  • You can pour ham juice with the left over in the pan in which you cooked the ham. You can of course add several ingredients to prepare the ham juice.
  • Every 20 minutes, you can add the ham juice, until you find that it is heated well.
  • Now you can remove the foil and give it a kind of caramelized coating.
  • Change the setting of the broiler, and allow the outer portion of the ham to get nicely baked and fried. This is required only for five minutes, but you should observe this process carefully, so that it does not get too dark.
  • Make sure that the internal temperature of the ham reaches almost about 160 degrees, which in turn, will give an indication that the ham is ready to be served.

It is true that cooking ham can be slightly time consuming, but if you can cook it well, especially if you are careful about the baking procedure, you will definitely end up making a delicious ham ready to be served to your guests. Therefore, it is high time that you look carefully at the procedure of cooking and baking ham, so that you can end up making a delicious serving. You will also be satisfied with the ham you make.

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