How Long to Cook a Ham

Ham is one of the greatest things that you can serve to your guests during the holidays. However, prior to that, you should be well aware of the important tips through which you can cook and bake ham. At the same time, you should be well aware of the timing in advance, so that you can cook a delicious ham. Cooking ham in the proper steps will take some time, and this in turn, will make the item delicious.


  1. You should never try to follow the short cuts methods or try to add something that will enhance the flavor.
  2. There are some basics that you should keep in mind before preparing the ham. This is especially applicable in case of storage and handling, which in turn, will indicate the safety of the preparation.
  3. You should store the raw pork in the refrigerator with at least 40 degree F and store it for three days. You should also make use of proper timing and temperature, especially while baking.
  4. While thawing, you can make use of either the cold water method or the refrigerator method.
  5. Once thawing is complete, you will have to follow it up with baking. A lot depends on baking, because based on the procedure and time of baking; the taste of the ham will vary.
  6. You should cook slowly at about 325 degree F. following this you should at least allow to bake each pound for 20 to 30 minutes.
  7. Roasting should be started by placing the fatter side of the ham at the upward portion. After few minutes, you should turn the other part down.
  8. Make sure that you do not overcook it, because this in turn, will make the pork dry and hard and it will not be tasteful.
  9. Once the ham is baked, you should take it out of the oven, and leave it for about 15 minutes before you slice the pieces. Even when out of the oven, the baking process will continue, and it will be easier for you to carve the ham.
  10. Do not cook partially and store it in the refrigerator to use it later. Make sure that you cook it completely till it is done.

If you follow these step by step instructions, you can be assured that you will not have much difficulty in following up with the entire process of cooking ham in the right time.

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