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How to Play Rugby

Doesn’t a thrill run down your spine when you see the game of rugby being played either live or on the TV? Rugby has come to be appreciated by millions of people in the world who love the game just for its simplicity as well as power and determination. It is indeed a treat to watch the stocky players muscle each other for the control of the ball and literally do everything within their power to hurl the ball through the enemy goalpost. It doesn’t take much to learn the game of rugby but it does require a lot of physical fitness to be able to play with enthusiasm. Let us go through the steps of how to play rugby so that after being physically fit, you can play this game with a skill entirely your own.

How to Play Rugby

  • Unlike the game of football, rugby involves 15 players per team. There are mainly 8 forwards, 6 backs and 1 half back. All of them have their work cut out for them. The hefty forwards are responsible for doing all the bullying work. They push and pull to take possession of the ball. On the other hand, the backs are the wily ones who keep the ball and the players in movement and towards the end zone. The halfback is the one who keeps the connection between the two types of players. He generally stays in the middle.
  • There are two end zones on the extreme sides of each half of playing area. The aim is to take the ball to the end zone and make it stop to achieve a touchdown.

How to put the blueprints together in “the Grinch”

How to put the blueprints together in "the Grinch"The Grinch is a sort of an adventure game and it is based on the name of a movie which was released in the year 2000. Here you play the Grinch and earn points in the game. You get a certain puzzle in the game and once you have collected all the blueprints you have to put the puzzles together and solve the problem. This is a sort of a simplified jigsaw puzzle and you can do it quite easily and quickly.

  • The game is simple and the game is interesting. Once you start playing the game and start earning the points you would feel like playing more and more. It is just like an increased passion and when you start you know no place to stop.
  • When playing the game you have to detect the place where you find the letter G and it is there at the lower end right hand corner of the assembly screen. It is not difficult to find out the spot if you know the place well. You have to be smart and attentive in this case.
  • You have to start picking up the blueprint pieces and start placing them accordingly. These are parts which are ideally made up of the side pieces or you can refer to them as corner pieces and they will immensely help you in gaining points or references for the proper completion of the puzzle. You have to be systematic with the real mode of the game or else you would not be able to handle the moves rightly.
  • Now, it is time for you to create the boarder for the blueprints. For making the boarder you have to make use of a technique which has already been described in step number 2 and you can deal well with the remaining pieces as well. However, to control the several modes of the game you must know how to use the L1 and the L2 button. In this way you become better confident with the game. These are buttons which would help you to regulate the game well.
  • You can now make use of the faint G letter which is at times visible at the background of the blueprint. This letter is immensely going to help you put things together in the game and this you can do by making use of the assembly process. Once you have been able to assemble the letter G in the proper fashion, you would be able to play with the help of a short cut scene.
  • The Grinch is both an interesting and a fun game. You just have to put it right to gain the points. As you start playing the interest grows and then earning of the points becomes the real motive of playing the game. The way you deal with the letter G is really amazing and here lies the main turning point of the game

This adventure game will help you gain points and at the same time give you the pleasure of solving a puzzle in the most apposite way. You solve the main puzzle in the game by joining all the blueprints together. The game is not a complicated one. If you know how to play then you can solve the puzzle quite easily. You just need to know where the game starts and ends and then you can have the real pleasure of playing Grinch. The game is more than an addiction and after you have succeeded well in the game you may have talked about the game among public.

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How to Be a Better Point Guard in Basket Ball

How to Be a Better Point Guard in Basket BallPoint guards are in the general on the court in basket ball playing who keeps balls in their hands most of the time. A good point guard is just an extension of the coach on the floor. Point guard has range of responsibilities for setting up team mates for easy buckets to controlling the flow and pace of the game. In basket ball, point guard is the most important position in offence. Following are some instructions to become good point guard in basket ball.

Communicate with team mates and coaches

Better communication always makes double success. Communicate on and off the floor with your team mates as well the coaches. Discus with the coach and understand your role over playing as a point guard. Take some time but be clear, what is expected from you. Knowing hand signal and verbal communication is also very important to let know your team members.

Find the open man

Learn how to find the open man. You need to find mismatches to scoring better opportunities for your team members as if the centre is being guarded by smaller player you want to get him the ball in exact position where scoring becomes easy. As a good pointer guard you must make good paces by distributing the ball.

Keeps the ball moving

Keeps the balls well moving around the court .Do not try to over dribbling although you can take some advantages. Always use low-post scorers to create open shots for the team mates. Identify the hot shooters and get them the ball where they can do something with that ball.

Get back to defence

Keep the defence honest when giving an open shot. This prevents defence from leaving you to help with another defender. Use your dribble and penetrate which may allow passing out side shooters. Practice dribbling low with your back straight and heads up. Do practice in different ways like cross over and spinning the ball. Most of the times, the point guard have the responsibility to get back the defence against the opposite team.

Develop leadership quality

Learn how to control and run a first break or slow down in the game. With practicing a lot and knowing the techniques this situation arises. For example if you have a ball and you are down by one point with some seconds, you must avoid rushing up a shot .This gives very little chance to your opponent to respond soon. Always keep head up while desire to become good leader. Give directions to your team mates at the beginning and end of the court. Respond with each team member, coach as well as opposite players. Becoming an challenging and effective point guard is a long term commitment requiring dedication, improvement in dribbling passing shooting and game intelligence.

Basket ball is still very popular and requires hours of training together. To play in proper position, you must learn number of skills, basket ball offence and scoring techniques. There are training experts who can give better ideas to become better point guards. You can contact with them for being a leader in the court and excel at many different basket ball skills.

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How to Fix a DSi with a Screen Scratch

How to Fix a DSi with a Screen ScratchThe Nintendo’s DSi handheld game console is available with two screens. Among both are LCD screens, one appear at the outside of the lid and the other you would find at the bottom of the lid. However, there are chances that the surface of the LCD screens can get scratched when you handle the game in a wrong way or it can also happen when the wrong side of the application is pressed. Thus, you have to be careful when the stylus is included. Thus, you have to think of ways of how you can best fix the scratch and make the thing appear normal. You can rectify the scratch with the help of several household appliances.

  • First, you need to open the lid of the Nintendo DSi. Once you have done this you must place a soft cloth over the table or over any other concrete surface. Now it is time for you to place the DSi over the cloth. When placed correctly and in the most suitable way you can handle the mechanism most conveniently.
  • Next it is time for you to start blowing the scratched LCD screen and you must also handle the particular side of the scratch. These scratches are extremely delicate and thus you must take all measures to handle the scratch in the most convenient way. Be very careful when dealing with these stuffs.
  • Now it is time for you to wet one side of the cotton cloth with petroleum jelly. This is going to make the swab more soft and smooth. Take the moisten end and place it well over the LCD screen. Once you have done this, the screen is to appear clearer and devoid of scratch. Be extremely speculative with the scratch and this will help you take full control of the condition.
  • If you have a microfiber lens cloth you can apply it well over the LCD screen and also to one particular side of the scratch. Just press the cloth a bit over the screen and make sure to apply it well over the scratch. Make sure that you move against the entire scratch and once the mark is dealt with you must remove the cloth at once and turn the DSi on. The jelly works fine for the scratch.
  • Have a good speculation of the LCD screen. Inspect from one end to the other to see if the scratch is still visible. This is important for you to check and the DSi’s opening graphics will help you understand the situation better. However, to your dismay if you find that the scratch is still there then you have to repeat the petroleum jelly formula to make things happen in the most convenient way. While you are doing this you have to be sure that the process being followed is absolutely right. The DSi will stay on unless you are sure that the scratch is gone.

Be very careful when doing something like this. A scratch on the LCD screen is a devastating affair and you can only fix things right with the help of a DSi. Be very sure of what you are doing. Do not make mistakes when performing the task. After all you are handling an LCD screen and so you have to follow the steps right. However, in case you are doing this you have to make sure to unplug the power cord. You cannot allow electricity to flow at this point of time. Check with all the apparatus before you start with the scratch removing process.

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How to Play Mahjong

How to Play MahjongMahjong is simply a Chinese form of a game which has to be played with absolute skill and chance. A maximum of four people can participate in this game. This is a typical card game which is available in form of a basic Chinese set. One set will contain 136 ties. Moreover, the game has three suits of bamboos, characters and circles. You can follow the rules well in order to have a better hand in the game.


  1. First, you have to learn all the 136 tiles. There are 34 types of tiles and each containing four. The bamboo is the first tile in which you find sticks of bamboo. Here you get to see a picture of a bird and it is numbered from 1 to 9. Then you have the balls which look like the dots. These are also numbered from 1 to 9. Next you would find the Chinese characters of the winds and the dragons. You also get in hand 8 flower tiles but when you are playing the game simple you should not make use of these tiles.
  2. Next, you have to set up the table of the game. First, keep away the flower tiles as they are not needed in all cases. Make sure to keep all the tiles in the middle of the table and be sure to mix them well. There are specific rules by which you have to prepare the tiles.
  3. You need to pick up the tiles. Each of the players should roll the dice well and the player who has the highest score will automatically become the chief. The chief rolls the tiles and he would decide who should start with the game. All the tiles are drawn following a clockwise direction. However, there are more rules to follow in the manner of picking the tiles up.
  4. There is a particular aim of the game. You should be the first person to have a complete hand of four sets of three tiles. The tiles can be either identical or in sequence.
  5. Next, it is turn for you to arrange your hand. You must make sure to make the tiles stand nicely. You must place all similar tiles at the same suit. The sequence of the tiles should be from the lowest to the highest.
  6. Now, it is time for you to start the game. In this process you pick up new tiles and you discard the ones which are not required. In this way a player has a complete hand and he ultimately becomes the winner at the end of the game.
  7. When you have picked up the final tile your aim should be to complete the hand. Here you have 14 tiles of four sets of three and along with this you also have a pair. If you are able to complete the hand you become a winner in the game.

Mahjong is a nice tile game. It is only that you have to know about the rules of the game well in order to be the perfect winner.

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